Tokyo Tribe Waru Bearbrick 400 %

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Tokyo Tribe Waru Bearbrick 400 %

Medicom Toy is a Japanese brand dedicated to making collectable figures since '96. Renowned for their iconic Bea@rbrick figure, the brand always produces their releases in limited numbers, and should be seen as pieces of art rather than conventional toys. Pictured is the Medicom Toy Tokyo Tribe Waru 400% Bearbrick in White.

Product Information

We really loved them in the series 35 in the 100% Bearbrick size, the Bearbrick Tokyo Tribe Waru are back in a 400% size. And Medicom Toy releases both colors the black but also the white (the chase one in the series 35).

The style of these two Bearbricks is inspired by Tokyo Tribe Waru, the new manga by Santa Inoue, the creator of Tokyo Tribe series. This new Waru series is based on the Waru free fight school.

  • Height : 28 cm
  • Packaging : Box
  • Designer : Santa Inoue
  • Producer : Medicom Toy
  • Universe : Tokyo Tribe
  • Simplified color : Blanc