T-Rex Dinosaur Mattel 2004 Imaginext 12" Roaring Sounds Razor T-Rex Loose


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T-Rex Dinosaur Mattel 2004 Imaginext 12" Roaring Sounds Razor T-Rex  Loose

This item has been used previously and is in working excellent condition; I have taken numerous photographs so that you can see the item up close. Please review the photos before making a purchase. Thank you for your interest. Please contact me if you have any questions; as always, your purchases will be carefully packaged.

Product Information

Dinosaurs are a common obsession among kids and this dinosaur toy takes children back to the Mesozoic Era for unlimited play in a prehistoric time. Razor, a replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, has razor-sharp teeth and, when kids pull the lever under his tail, he bites with them and emits a startling roar. In addition to a moving jaw, this T-Rex moves vertically at the neck, arms, legs, and tail. Per Fisher-Price’s storyline for these beasts, kids can pretend that Razor is the head of the Predators, a group of dinosaurs destroying all the natural resources. Or kids can challenge their imagination by creating their own stories and scenes with this fierce warrior. Razor comes with a saddle on his back, a catapult, a scorpion, and dinosaur bones. Also included is a caveman figure, which, although not exactly accurate for the time period, extends play possibilities a bit. Three "AAA" batteries are included to power the sound effects.


Imagine...a primitive civilization of humans and dinosaurs, living in a lush, green land. One side—the predators—are using up its natural resources, wiping out everything and everyone that gets in their way. The other side—the ecovores—want to preserve their land. And they’re willing to fight to make that happen. Will the predators succeed in destroying the land, causing their own extinction? Or will the ecovores stop the destruction and make the land a place where dinosaurs and humans can live together peacefully? In the world of Imaginext®, anything is possible! With his sharp teeth and enormous presence, it’s no wonder the ecovores fear Razor. Pull the lever to make the T-Rex roar and activate chomping action!

  • Head of Predator dinosaurs who are destroying the land
  • Bites and roars when lever under tail is pulled
  • Articulated at legs, arms, neck, jaw, and tail
  • Comes with catapult, scorpion, dinosaur bones, saddle, and caveman figure (missing)
  • With his sharp teeth and enormous presence, it’s no wonder the ecovores fear Razor! 


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