Spider-Man Marvel Super Hero Stunt Wing Spider Plane

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Spider-Man Marvel Super Hero Stunt Wing Spider Plane 

This item has been used previously and is in excellent condition; I have taken numerous photographs so that you can see the item up close. Please review the photos before making a purchase. Thank you for your interest. Please contact me if you have any questions; as always, your purchases will be carefully packaged.

Product Information

Crime fighters-in-training can fantasize about rescuing a victim with one of their favorite Marvel Superhero Adventures figures! The Spider-Man figure can stand on his stunt wing spider plane vehicle, even when kids hold the plane upside down! For super stunt fun, little heroes can put Spider-Man in the cockpit, spin the plane's propeller, and pretend to fly alongside him! What mission will you undertake?

  • Your Spider man figure will fly, flip and turn in his Stunt Wing Spider Plane vehicle
  • Your Spider man figure can stand on the wing as you make the vehicle do incredible stunts in the air
  • Nothing can stop the acrobatic web-slinging hero when he’s in his Stunt Wing Spider Plane vehicle
  • Do amazing upside-down stunts with the Stunt Wing Spider Plane vehicle as your Spider man figure stands on the wing
  • Vehicle comes with figure (missing Spider-Man)

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