Funko Marvel Mystery Box PREVIEWS Loki Exclusive Mystery Box A Small

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Funko Marvel Mystery Box PREVIEWS Loki Exclusive Mystery Box A T-Shirt (small)

What's in this mysterious Mystery Box? The Marvel Funko Loki Mystery Box - Free Comic Book Summer 2020 - Previews Exclusive features a Marvel Loki Pop! PX bobble-head figure, one of three PX Loki Pop! character T-shirts, and one of three PX Thor #1 Loki variant comics. But wait - there's more! Twelve of the Mystery Boxes contain a mystery Pop! Vinyl signed by Funko’s CEO Brian Mariotti, and 35 boxes have a Golden Ticket inside to win either a one-of-a-kind Pop! prototype figure or a Pop! figure prize-pack of five random figures!

Each Mystery Box includes a Pop! figure of Loki, the God of Mischief. It's colorful and detailed from head to toe, including tiny painted fingernails and a dynamic swish of his cloak. He’s presented wielding Thor’s hammer and is surely up to no good!

Each box also contains one of three exclusive shirts featuring the Loki Pop! design. All three different designs are available in sizes Small through XXL.

Plus, each box comes with one of three exclusive Thor #1 comic book variant covers, again reflecting the Loki Pop! design. The main variant cover is the most common, showing up in about 65% of the Mystery Boxes. But there's also the virgin variant cover in 25% of the boxes and the gold logo variant cover, the rarest of them all, included in only 10% of the Mystery Boxes. Each comic is packed already bagged and boarded so it can stay in good condition.


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