Do you accept international orders?

We currently do not shipping outside the USA

 How will my items be packed? What materials do you use?

We live on this beautiful planet just like you do!  So, we're excited to assure you that when we box up the items you order, we take care to not only pack them right to ensure they arrive in top condition, but to also use the most environmentally friendly packing materials possible. 

 How can I track my order?

It's easy! Just sign into Your Account to see tracking information for the items that have shipped.

 If my order requires multiple shipments, how am I charged for shipping and processing?

The full amount of shipping and processing will be charged when the first item on an order ship. For example, if you order one item that is in stock and two that are not, we'll send you the item that is in stock now and charge you for the shipping of all three. The other two items will ship as soon as they're available, with no additional shipping charges.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, debit, and credit cards

How can I pay with PayPal?

PayPal can only be used when your order is completely in stock and you're ordering 10 or fewer of each item.

Why is there an authorization on my credit/debit card?

When entering a payment method or while placing an order, we authorize your credit or debit card for a small amount to ensure the security and validity of the card. This authorization is usually removed automatically and instantly but may take up to a few business days. This does not mean that you have been charged or funds have been removed from your account – it simply reserves a small amount during the authorization period.

Do you charge sales tax?

Kim’s Toy Closet is physically located in Riverview, Florida, USA. We currently only collect Sales tax for the State of Florida. We are in the processing of complying with Federal law which require us to collect Sales taxes for all US territories.

What if an item, description, price, or other content on the website is inaccurate?

We attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, we do not warrant that product descriptions, prices, photographs, availability dates, or other content of this site is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. We are not responsible for typographical errors, manufacturer delays in delivery, or changes to products. All product descriptions, case assortments, variations, prices, and ship dates are subject to change and availability without notice.


Hassle Free 30-Day Return Policy

Please note that all orders are carefully inspected for quality, assortment, and proper packaging prior to shipment. Nobody is perfect, however, and we know that. Manufacturers may screw up, shipping carriers can err, and yes, even we might make a mistake from time to time. Or you might change your mind. That's why we have an industry-leading Hassle Free 30-Day Return Policy that states:

If for any reason you are not delighted with the order you receive, you are welcome to return most unused/unopened or defective items sold by Kim’s Toy Closet within 30 days from the receipt of your shipment for a prompt refund or replacement. Policy details subject to change without notice.

What else do I need to know?

Since Kim’s Toy Closet deals with popular collectibles, some merchandise may sell out. If so, we might not be able to send a replacement and will give you a refund instead.

Products must be returned in their entirety (no partial cases) in the original condition and packaging (items sent to you in mint condition must be returned in mint condition), in saleable condition, without missing parts, and with the invoice (either the original or a copy).

Your form of payment will be credited for the price of the items plus applicable tax. This credit will not include any original shipping and processing charges unless the products are damaged when you receive them. Your credit will appear after Kim’s Toy Closet receives and processes your returned item, if the item meets all criteria stated in this return policy.

Credit card companies vary on the time it takes for credit to appear in their customers' records. Please allow one to two billing cycles for any refund to show up on your statement.

Complete, detailed instructions on how to return merchandise can be found on the reverse side of your invoice in each shipment.

Using Your Account

How can I review my order history?

It's easy! Just sign into Your Account to review your orders in different ways: show orders that have shipped, show orders with just backorders / pre-orders, or show all.

How can I update my address?

You can update address information through the Your Account area of your online portal.

How can I update my credit card / payment information?

You may add a payment method for future orders during checkout.

How can I change my email address or password?

If you simply wish to change the email address associated with your account or if you know your password but would like to change it, you can do so through Your Account. (When logging in, remember to enter the email address and password currently associated with your account.)

Action Figure FAQ

In the past, you've had a lot of items that sold out and then came back. There's an item I'm looking for and was wondering when it might come back in stock.

Unless a vendor tells us, it's difficult to predict what will show up. Although we do have a close relationship with all our vendors, it's often impossible to determine exactly when products will arrive and if more are going to be available down the road. Sometimes, a product may be promised to us but we're not sure we'll ever get it until the day it actually arrives. Additionally, an item may be a "one-shot" item that once it sells out, no more units will be available. Either way, we keep this website up to date.

Check back regularly for product news or sign up for an email alert (located on the detail page of each product) for us to send you an email as soon as the item comes back in stock. Then, if a previously unavailable or hard-to-find item is made available to us, you'll be among the first to know!

Am I going to get all the figures listed in a specific assortment?

If that assortment is in stock, the listed figures will be sent to you. If it's not in stock, we cannot guarantee that exact assortment. Manufacturers have the right to change an assortment at any time and often will, depending on what the market demands.

When, exactly, will the new figures be in stock?

We don't know exactly when new figures will be in stock. Most manufacturers don't release specific ship-date information in advance. We're provided with generalized shipping periods like "August" or "December." Some manufacturers give specific release dates for the initial launch of a new item, but that doesn't necessarily mean the item is guaranteed to be in stock on that date. Check the item in question for current availability and stock information.

I have seen the (new figure, new toys, etc.) at my local store or elsewhere online. Why don't you have them yet?

There's no simple answer to this question. Some items we receive first, while some take a little longer. The timing of product distribution is entirely up to the manufacturer. We have no control over the process of allocation and delivery times. We believe, however, that a simple factor is quantity. As an example, an average smaller store might receive 20 cases of an item in stock as soon as an assortment is released. We're no different, but unlike other toy stores, we may need over 1,000 cases to fill our orders. It takes longer for manufacturers to physically make and distribute product to us.

What do your stock statuses mean?

In Stock
Order this item now! This item is currently in stock in our warehouse. Please note: Because multiple clients might order the same item at the same time, it's possible that an item shown as “In Stock” might sell out between the moment you order and the time we confirm its presence in our warehouse. Should this occur and the item be no longer available, we'll notify you and your credit card will not be charged.

Restocking Soon!
Order this item now! This item is scheduled to return to stock soon. However, manufacturers do not guarantee the availability of their merchandise, and estimated arrival dates may change. Therefore, after you order, please check your account for updated availability information. We ship on a first come, first served basis, so your order will be processed and shipped in the order it was received (some exceptions apply). We will not charge your credit card until the item comes in stock.

Sold Out
This item is sold out and no longer available to order. We don't expect any further shipments of this item and are keeping it on our website for informational purposes only.

This item is cancelled and no longer available to order. We're keeping it on our website for informational purposes only. The manufacturer has informed Entertainment Earth that the item has been cancelled and was never manufactured.

Some items you sell don't have a height but say things like "1:6 scale" or "1:10 scale." What does that mean?

A lot of toy manufacturers prefer to give their product dimensions relative to a real-world measurement and not in the actual inches (or centimeters) that the toy may measure. As some figures are sitting, lying down, or bending over, the "height" might be misleading. It could be a very substantial figure, but as it's bending over in half, it seems smaller. So, to help you determine how big some items are, we have this handy chart. Keep in mind that for the sake of this chart, we're assuming that 1:1 is a 6-foot tall person and 1:6 scale is 12-inches tall. (Naturally, some statues may be shorter. So, these are not exact measurements.)

  • 1:6 scale: 12-inches tall (the size of a large G.I. Joe and the scale of most Gentle Giant mini-busts, which are about 6-inches tall)
  • 1:12 scale: 6-inches tall (roughly the size of Hasbro Marvel Legends action figures)
  • 1:18 scale: 4-inches tall (roughly the size of Hasbro Star Wars action figures)
  • 1:64 scale: 1 1/8-inches tall (sized to be in proportion to Hot Wheels cars)


How does Kim’s Toy Closet determine if figures will be sold as a set versus a case?

We don't, all figures are sent to us from manufacturers in full cases. Many larger manufacturers sell figures with the intention that these are toys designed for kids to play with (sorry, adults!). Because of this important reason, you'll find mixed ratios of figures in cases that aren't necessarily what we and you as collectors would want. With Star Wars, for example, Hasbro intentionally releases action figure cases with more of the main, common, more popular characters then the odd, rarer. less popular characters. Main, common, more popular characters end up on the shelves of retailers where kids recognize and buy more of them.

Collectors, on the other hand, tend to want one of every character. Because Hasbro won't change their ways, we felt the only way to give collectors what they wanted was to offer full cases of figures for sale. 

These cases come straight from the manufacturer to us, are inspected for Mint Condition, and are reshipped to you. We don't look for variations or remove the short-packed rare items. So, collectors will get at least one of every action figure in that particular "wave" of release. Because manufacturers can and do change characters and case breakdowns prior to the actual release date, we sell these cases with a "subject to change" warning. We sell full cases so the prices for all figures, rare and common alike, remain the same. We've created a win-win situation for every collector! You pay retail price for all action figures, but you don't have to spend time hunting around for them.

How does Kim’s Toy Closet determine when action figures will be sold individually?

We don't, when a manufacturer releases a single figure in a solid-case pack (all figures in the case are the same figure), we sell the figure individually in mint condition.

When we have many cases that can be divided into individual figures without the possibility of creating a short-pack problem, we sell these figures individually in either mint or not-mint condition. A short-pack problem usually happens on newer cases of action figures where every collector wants a certain figure, but the manufacturer only includes one in a case of 12 or 16. This creates more demand than supply. While other dealers of action figures significantly increase the price of these items, we don't. We sell these rare items in sets or cases.

Some action figures are really popular and always sell out. Why don't they just keep making more?

We are a small Collectible toy company, we simply don't have the capital or the space to carry more products. In the interest of providing kids, collectors, and toy fans of all ages the widest selection of goods, the sales windows for these items tend to be short, and many items are gone forever once they sell out (or in some cases, pre-sell out). Therefore, you might wish to take advantage of our email reminders to keep you informed as new items become available or if old items see production again. 

What is a "chase" figure?

"Chase figures" are released by some manufacturers in the same way "chase cards" were released in trading card packs. These items may have special parts or packaging and are generally produced in much lower numbers. Kim’s Toy Closet does not cherry-pick assortments for variations or chase figures, so the contents of what we ship you are precisely what the manufacturer sends us, and we don't charge you a higher price if you receive a chase figure in the assortment you ordered.

There's a Star Wars figure (and a lot of other figures, too) that I really want. Who should I tell so they can make them for me?

The first and most important thing to do is make sure somebody knows you want it. Your best bet is to reach out via social media or email.to the folks at Hasbro (or another appropriate company) with your request. All you can do is speak with your dollars and your voice. Toy companies must know you're in the market for this stuff!