About Us

Hi, my name is Kim, I am a passionate seller of collectible toys. It’s something I love doing and something I kinda fell into. How I got started was in 2016, I started collecting Funko Pops. As a collector you know how obsessive we can be when we start on a journey of collecting a particular item.

Well, I’m no different. Whenever I saw a new Funko Pop I had to have it. Let’s, not talk about trying to get a Funko chase. So, I came up with this bright idea of getting them from a distributor but, wasn’t aware you needed to have a business license and be a registered business.

 So, I created myself a business, just so I could get the Funko Pops first and get the chase, problem solved. Not so fast, I had to find a distributor who didn’t have a huge minimum requirement. I found Entertainment Earth, I registered my business with the federal government and registered in the state I was living in.

 Now I was good to go, I could order as many Funko Pops I could afford and get the elusive chase Pop. But I started to run out of space because I didn’t know what to do with the extra Funko’s I had. They came six to a box and all I wanted was one (in my mind it seemed like a fair trade), anyway I was buying so many that I had large quantities of different series and didn’t have room for anymore.

 I learned that I could sell them on eBay and did well, so that’s how I got into selling toys.  However, being on eBay I was limited as to what I could do, I decided to create my own website where I could offer you, the customer, a lot more.  Some of the items for sell will be from my personal collection or items that I found on my toy hunt. Any items that are from my personal collection or from my toy hunt will be photographed so that you can see the item's condition.

 If you wish to have me, take a photo of a collectible, you can email me. You can find that on the contact us page. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will answer questions as best as I can. If you are looking for anything specific that you do not see, please email me and I will do my best to find that item for you. Please be patient as we grow our catalog.